Chupi Chupi Raat Neme Ashe Akashe ~ Rupankar & Ujjaini
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Sung by ~ Rupankar Bagchi {visit his website}  
with Ujjaini Mukherjee

Chupi chupi raat neme ashe akashe, guti guti chand eshe pashe boshe, kaane kaane gaan shonay, guti guti tara jole othe abar, chhute chhute chole jay monta amar, ami akash pane haath barai, na jaane kyun dil yun sataye, beete hain raat, par neend na aaye, jaagi ankhon mein sapno ke saaye, sajte hain yun ke neend na aaye...


rupankar and ujjaini

There has been many experiments with songs of Tagore after the copyright lapsed and wasn't renewed. With the new age artists, singers, musicians coming up with various kinds of experiements, there is also a mixture of reactions in the society. Some love it, some hate it.

Rupankar Bagchi has struggled his way all along, with a few hits in his portfolio. And in this song, we have the young and beautiful Ujjaini Mukherjee. She shot up to fame from Sa Re Ga Ma. There has been many gossips about her relationship with male partner singer Aishwarya.