Ore grihobashi khol dwar khol
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Ore grihobashi khol dwar khol
Wishing Everyone
A Very Happy Holi 2014

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Ore Grihobashi Lyrics: (english translation at bottom)
Ore Grihobashi, khol dar khol laglo je dol
Sthole jole bonotole laglo je dol, dar khol

Ranga hashi rashi rashi ashoke polashe
Ranga nesha meghe mesha probhaatho akaashe
Nobin pathay lage ranga hillol, dar khol dar khol

Benu bono mormore dokhino bataashe
Projapothi dole ghashe ghashe
Moumachhi phire jachi phulero dokhina
Pakhay bajay tar bikhariro bina
Madhobi bitane bayu
Gondhe bibhol, dar khol dar khol

Ore grihobashi khol dwar khol

English translation:
Oh people! Break open the doors!
There is a spring stir!
On the soil, in the water, in the forest, there is a mad, spring stir!
A ruddy, wild laughter in abundance everywhere
Amongst the ashok and paulash flowers.
An intoxication amidst the clouds of the morning sky
With new leaves leaving a bright splendor,
Break open the doors, open the doors!

The flute murmurs over the south wind in the forest
The butterflies dance gleefully in the grass
The honeybees return to their flowers
While their wings play a rare tune of the bina
The madhobi flower sings to the melody of the breeze An invigorating aroma envelops all around
Break open the doors, open the doors!